Welcome to the Nisbet United Methodist Church!

We’re the village church of Nisbet, Pennsylvania, and we’d love for you to join us!

Sunday Worship is 9:00 a.m. Dress is casual, and we are, too!

Please check our Events page to find out what’s happening.

Pastor’s Welcome


Hi. I’m Pastor Bruce Wallace.

I wish I could tell you we’re a full-service church, with lots of fancy programs. What we are is a really nice, small town congregation: parents and grandparents of children who’ve grown up and moved away, as children often do.

I’ve been there a year, and I can tell you that our people really do care about their community. I’d like us to be the best small town church we can possibly be, and so we’d love for you to partner with us in our mission to the community.

What is it that you’ve wished our little community might have to offer, but doesn’t at the moment? How can we serve our neighbors together, and maybe grow spiritually in the process? We’d love for you to bring your ideas and partner with us in making Nisbet an even better community to live in.


We were very pleased to welcome these members of the Nisbet Volunteer Fire Company and their families to our 2nd annual Fire Company Sunday, this morning! Barb & Carl Steppe. Barb also keeps the village church of Nisbet clean and in good order, like a firetruck! And what would a special Sunday in a Methodist …


Have questions? Ideas? Want to help? Need help?

Please call Pastor Wallace (570) 606-4949, or email bwallace@susumc.org.